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Have you ever thought about learning something new? Something that fascinates you since a while? However, you have never dared to go for it because you are coming from a completely different profession? That was the case for me – before I decided that it is time to give it a try. My original background is in the field of biology. However, I am fascinated by programming and designing apps. I learned to code from scratch because I want to develop mobile and web applications on my own.

I started my journey with iOS programming, which is still one of my focuses, and went further from there. My learning was influenced by three main aspects: (1) Finding self-study resources that are affordable and give high flexibility. (2) The question, how a small team or even only one person can design simple but high-quality applications(3) Great programming must not forget about user-friendly design. Since I am convinced that these points are indispensable for career changers on their way to becoming a pro, these aspects also determine the topics of my blog recode now.

Do you still need to find your way to programming? Do you want to know how to start with a new or maybe even your first programming language? Read my blog. I share with you tips and tricks that will save you time and energy.

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If you are not familiar with the programming and how to create apps, it takes you a while to find out which self-study resources might be of interest for your learning. The markets for programming books, online learning courses, blogs, and forums are big and fast growing. You are very often asking yourself if the learning content of a book or course suits your needs and your level of knowledge.

I started my studies with reading programming books. Unfortunately, you only know if a book helps you in learning until you start digging into it. This very often means that you spend quite some time and money before you are able to identify good literature. Have a look in my blog and in the ‘Tips – Books’ section where I give you tips for some excellent programming books for newbies.

With the online learning platforms, it is similar. I enrolled in different online courses. I started with a few for iOS Programming, Objective-C, and Swift – to develop iPhone and iPad apps. Knowing where to find well-structured and easy-to-follow courses can be the key to successful learning. Do you want to jump into a course about a programming language that you is on your to-learn list for a while? In my blog and in the ‘Tips – Courses & Forums’ section you find the information you need about excellent courses.

I tell you tips and tricks that save you a significant amount of time, energy, and unnecessary costs. I hope I motivate and inspire you to start digging into code as well.

Maybe it will be a journey to future profession and career!

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From being a natural scientist ...
I studied Biology and worked in the field of plant cell biology.
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... to becoming an App Developer.
I started with iOS development and went further from there.
First Coding

My Fields of Programming


Objective-C is a programming language used for developing iOS and Mac apps. Understanding the basic principles of Objective-C was the first step of my journey.


Next was Swift – another object-oriented language. It was introduced at Apple’s 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference for the development of iOS, OS X, tvOS and watchOS apps. Swift is supposed to give Apple developers more opportunities. It can also be embedded into Objective-C code.

iOS Programming

I went on with the main concepts and techniques of  iOS development. Once you have understood how the famous Model-View-Controller pattern works and what the iOS libraries include, you are able to organize and manage your iOS app data. My first apps became alive.

Ruby on Rails

Testing my first apps, I soon figured out that a web based service would actually be a great support to some parts of my apps. I started with learning about the programming language Ruby and the open-source web framework Ruby on Rails. I created a first small web-based database and performed data transfers to my mobile apps. Especially in the field of database development, I want to learn more… I keep you up to date.


While searching for programming courses and books you definitely come across front-end web development. I decided to refresh the basic knowledge that I have for HTML5 and CSS3. I can tell, improving your skills in HTML5 and CSS3 is worth it – especially if you want to launch a web page or a blog. Even if you plan to accomplish this with the help of WordPress, it is always good to know what’s behind it.

More to come

There is always so much more to learn. Besides improving my skills in the programming languages I started with, I want to learn more about the possibilities of other languages. What could be of use for my app ideas? What will complement my expertise as a developer? There is still a lot waiting to be explored.

recodenow - tips courses & forums

A good online tutorial often makes you understand complex topics in less time than working through a book. Online courses can be really interactive supporting the learning-by-doing effect. For example, some of them use browser-based learning tools asking you to directly enter the correct code lines to solve a specific question.

Knowing where to go and who to ask is one of the key elements when you spent the third night in a row not being able to identify why your code is not working. Networking in the right forums can be of great help.

During my journey of learning, I will keep this section with recommendations for courses and forums up to date. Hope it will inspire you as well!

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Good books always walk me through the first months of a new programming field. With the study of a book, you can get a good basic understanding before you probably decide on a course. From my experience, the number of outstanding programming books for people with a non-programming background is limited. The same is true for literature about good app design.

Of course, my library is still growing. However, I do have some favorites in the shelf that are well structured and brilliantly written. I always come back to them. Do you want to know them? Please have a look at my best-of list.

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